O. Muller


Key features

·         Unlimited Undo/Redo

·         Color depth support  from 4-32 bit

·         Palette support : create and maintain palettes.

·         Partial (alpha channel) transparency support (bitmaps, png and icons)

·         Multi framed icons support

·         Image, text and figure rotating

·         Scale, size and crop

·         Connection lines (may be used to create float diagrams)

·         Rectangular, polygonic, elliptic and free hand selector with different styles.

·         Magic Wand and composite selection

·         Tool sub classing

·         Embedded figure texting

·         Zoom with pixel grid

·         Framing functionality makes it easy to create sophisticated frames and 3d effects.

·         User defined function buttons (“custom hotspots”)

·         Saving of layer structure to disk (in “document” files)

·         Saving of objects to disk

·         Individual figure editing (bitmapped figures)

·         Multiple selection

·         Screen shooter

·         Ruler

·         Multiple file fetch and arrangement

·         Contours (thine line objects)

·         Static background (like transparent markers)


Built in tools

·         Standard GDI: Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, etc.

·         Line tool with custom breakpoints and arrows

·         Pencil tool

·         Eraser tool

·         Group tool

·         Text tool ( in place editor)

·         Single pixel tool

·         Brightness, contrast and saturation tool

·         RGB mixing tool

·         Spray tool (with different patterns and options)

·         Blur tool

·         Wiper tool

·         Resampler tool

·         Pasting tool  (pastes from clipboard, files, bitmaps)

·         Scissor

·         Drawbox (free form drawing tool)

·         Looking glass

·         Alpha pencil tool

·         Alpha region tool

·         Multiple line curving tool

·         Sharpen tool

·         Custom graphic filter tool

·         HLS mixer tool

·         Colored glass tool

·         Gradient pattern tool


File format support

·         Bitmap

·         Icon (multi framed)

·         Gif (Delphi 2009 and later)

·         Jpeg

·         Png (Delphi 2009 and later)

·         Tif

·         WMPhoto


Classes included

·         The TIcons class lets you view and edit multiframe icon files. You may use this class as a standalone library service.

·         The TBitmapScanner class encapsulates the TBitmap.Scanline property and facilitates read and write of the rgb and alpha channels.
This class is not documented, but the ImagePainter source uses it heavily, providing many code examples.


The TImagePainter component is a convenient starting point for creating applications that need to draw or manipulate images. ImagePainter is based on an object oriented concept that lets you add power to the component by creating your own drawing tools not necessarily deriving a new component class. In fact, this is an important goal of ImagePainter: being a platform where you can implement most any kind of figure or feature, without thinking about moving, copying, pasting, resizing, deleting, etc. -- all the core functionality you expect from an imaging application. It is already there as part of the ImagePainter framework