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New features and functionality:

Minor changes:

The Flags property of TImagePainter has been extended with the flCanSize and flCanCrop flags,

The Flags property of TFigure has been extended with the flCanExtendedAttributes flag.

The TAlphaRegion tool has got a new property, Bidirectional, that makes it possible to draw a gradient alpha pattern fading towards the edges.

New function in TBitmappedFigure, GetStretchedBitmap, returns a copy the underlying bitmap in full size.

New function in TBitmappedFigure, GetClipRgn, returns the HRGN for clipped bitmaps.


New features and functionality:


New features and functionality:


The implementation of the TToolDef class has changed. It is no longer possible to set its properties by directly assigning values to sub members. For instance:
Exclude (AToolDef.Capabilities, caSelectable) will result in a compiler error. Use a local variable and assign that to the property instead.