Using the Selector

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The Selector plays an important part in the ImagePainter concept. Use it to capture an area of the image. When captured an area can be:

The (rectangular) selector may also be used to lasso objects to include them in a multiple selection.

In many cases the selector creates a new bitmap object as a copy of the captured area. Such an object lives its own life. It can be moved, reshaped and serve as base for further selector operations.

The Selector comes in many styles and shapes. There is a rectangular, an elliptic and two variants of polygonic selectors. The is also a MaigWand selector that includes support for composite selections. Chooses between different styles, like highlighted, inverted or cycling border, dimmed foreground or dimmed background, or create you own style from the OnFocus event handler.

The selector can only have one instance at a time.  With contours you have the option to create a multi selector environment.

For more information see the TSelector tool class documentation.