TPixel tool class

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Tool Identifier: atPixel
Inherits from: TStaticFigure

Tool description:
Title: Pixel
Draw methods: [dmBeginMouseDown, dmDrawMouseDown, dmEndMouseUp, dmCommand];
Capabilities: [caSelectable, caMovable]
Connectivity hotspots: Not connectable
Accepts text: No

TPixel draws a single pixel. However. unlike other tools the visual image of the object may differ in size from its 1 x 1 rectangle. TPixel can express itself in various ways, it may be drawn simply as a single point (hardly visible in none zoomed mode) or take the shape of a cross, a rectangle or an ellipse. By means of the OnDrawPixel event, you can draw your own shape.

In contoured mode you may set the visual image of TPixel to have a static size until the image reaches a certain zoom factor. Then with further zooming the object adapts to the size of the pixel cells.