TPaster tool class

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Tool Identifier: atPaster
Inherits from: TBitmappedFigure

Tool description:
Title: Graphics
Draw methods: [dmDrawMouseMove, dmEndMouseUp, dmCommand]

Capabilities: [caSelectable, caMovable, caSizable, caRotatable, caEditable]
Connectivity hotspots: [hsTopLeft, hsTopCenter, hsTopRight, hsRightCenter,  hsBottomRight, hsBottomCenter, hsBottomLeft, hsLeftCenter]
Accepts text: Yes

TPaster imports graphics from the clipboard, a file, from the selector or from a user supplied bitmap source. The resulting object is a bitmap figure with bitmap capabilities.

The drawing method of TPaster does not contain a dmBeginDraw… flag. To create a paster object you must command it by using one of the Execute methods. TImagePainter.Paste function is a short hand method for creating a paster object from the clipboard. The dmDrawMouseMove and dmEndMouseUp flags are for mouse sizing operations.