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Property OnDrawContour : TDrawContourEvent

TDrawContourEvent = procedure(Sender : TObject; Figure : TFigure;  var CyclingDots : Boolean; var CyclingDotColor1, CyclingDotColor2 : TColor;  var CyclingDotSize : TCyclingDotSize) of Object;

The OnDrawContour event occurs just before a contoured object is displayed. Responding to this event you can change the the default display properties, thus creating individual styles for specific objects.

Sender is an ImagePainter component.
Figure is the contoured figure to be displayed.
CyclingDots tells if the figure has an animated border or not. Change it to produce an opposite effect.
CyclingDotColor1, CyclingDotColor2 tell the color setting for the cycling dot size. Change them to other colors if you want. This has only effect if CyclingDots is true.
CyclingDotSize tells the size of the dots. Change it to another size if preferable. This has only effect if CyclingDots is true.

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