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Procedure LoadFromFiles(Files: TStringList; ColumnCount : integer; CellWidth, CellHeight : integer; SpaceX, SpaceY : integer; Frame : TFigureFrame);

The LoadFromFiles procedure creates a new image by taking a list of files, loading the images and arrange them in columns and rows.


The files, with fully qualified paths, to be arranged. Must be graphic files with formats that ImagePainter supports. If the list contains unsupported formats or if a file does not exists, the file is ignored.


Number of columns in the arrangement

CellWidth, CellHeight

Width and height in pixels of an image cell. Images will be scaled to fit into the cell.

SpaceX, SpaceY
Number pixels between columns (X) and rows (Y)


Points to a frame object that defines the framing of the images. If nil, no frames are drawn.