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Release notes

ImagePainter 4.0

New features and functionality:

·         TPixel tool class creates a single pixel object.which can be displayed in different ways.

·         Contours lets you draw thin line transparent objects, which may be well suited for creating a multi selector environment. Contours may also be applied on TSelector for high precision selection.

·         Transparent markers lets you create a static background pattern which is unaffected.by zooming.

·         And much more (see Release notes)


See this link for an overview and a full description of features and tools.

Online help can be reached from this link: http:/www.omuller.com/help/welcome.html


ImagePainter lets you create advanced, layered painting applications. It offers a programming interface with a variety of methods, properties and events and a framework that allows you to compose your own plug in tools. That is, if you are not satisfied with the over 30 ready to use tools that come with the standard implementation.

Start drawing right away. Drop it on a form, select a draw tool and the mouse is waiting for your movements. Or if you have stronger ambitions, look into the documentation: the chance of finding the right tool class, method or property is fairly good.

Behind it all there is a bunch of core functionality that takes care of all the trivialities, like paste and copy, load and save, insert and delete, etc.

Imagic 2.3

To see the potential of ImagePainter, you can try out this full featured graphic application named Imagic. The functionality of Imagic is solely powered by ImagePainter, so you should get a good impression of what the component can do.

Screenshot of the Imagic application. More screenshots here

Imagic is free for private use. To use it commercially, send an email notification: Email


Last updated January 5. 2015